Invicta Men’s 9937 Pro Diver Watch Review

A clean black dial distinguishes Dark-hued Men’s Pro Driver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch. It is durable and of high quality. Customers who have purchased the watch previously have proved it In this content i try to provide you invicta 9937 review and guide. So, Let’s start 🙂

It is well designed and made using stainless steel.  It features a polished stainless band which joins the durable stainless case.  The case is topped using a black, ion-coated and unidirectional coin edge bezel, which is imprinted using white indexes and Arabic numeral minute indicators in increments of 10.

invicta 9937 review

The watch features a striking black dial, which is protected by a scratch-resistant, sapphire-coated window, showcasing a luminescent geometric hour indicator which completes luminous, silver-tone hands. It is among the top selling watches in the market.

Listed below are among the great features which make the watch remain in demand

Functions without a Battery

It is not must to have a battery to use the watch. It operates automatically.  Therefore, the watch does not require maintenance cost, after the power of the battery gets finished.  Besides, the movement is great and attractive to look at. Usually, the watch is powered automatically by the movement of your hand.

Classy design

The watch is well designed, making it attractive. The case of the watch is composed of stainless steel.   The wristbands are made of polished stainless steel.  It is also intended using a striking back dial. The dial of the watch is covered against damage by the scratch resistant window, which is coated using sapphire.  Its size is medium, making it suitable for individuals who do not like small or big watches. It is finely finished, giving it a comfortable feel on the wrist. Also, the materials used and design makes it look similar to Rolex. The design of the watch is detail oriented. The hour markers of the watch are raised, while the luminescent markers have a silver surround.

Durable material

The watch is made using active materials, which make it durable.   The expertise utilized in the construction of the watch is great. It features a sapphire crystal, resists scratches, making it appear as if it is new.


The development skills employed in the building of the watch makes its waterproof. It can be used by scuba divers since even a single drop cannot get it. The maximum depth one can get in the water with the watch is 200m. Recreational scuba divers can use it without any issue.

Time accuracy

It is the best automatic watch in the market so far.  It runs with an accuracy of +2 seconds per day, which is far much better from that of many watches operating at an accuracy of +5 to +12seconds per day.  Besides its automatic movement has an accuracy similar to that of quartz.

Benefits and shortcomings of Men’s 9937 Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch

Among the major advantages of the watch include

  • Desirable size. The size of the watch is suitable for both lovers of big and small watches.
  • Excellent quality. Materials utilized in the making of the watch are of quality, making it durable, sturdy and reliable.
  • Automatic movement – the watch has a Swiss automatic movement, which beats many watches. The movement gives the watch a high accuracy than many classy watches in the market.
  • Classy finish. It has an attractive finish, which makes it attractive and fit on the wrist.
  • Scratch resistant. It features a crystal clear sapphire, which is resistant to scratches.
  • Waterproof. The watch cannot leak in drops of water up to a depth of 200M.

Shortcomings of 9937 watch

  • The crown of the watch has sharp edges, which can easily pinch your wrist, making it unconformable.
  • Although the bezel of the watch is not wrong, it is somewhere hard to turn.


The watch has a classy finish, making it appear very attractive. It is made of sturdy materials, which make it durable and reliable. Besides, it operates automatically with the movement of your hand. You do not need a battery to run the watch.

The watch has crystal clear sapphire, which makes it resistant to scratches.  Besides, it has Cyclops magnifier which is raised, acting as prominent markers over the date.  The bracelet of the watch is well designed looking similar to that of Rolex.

Unlike many watches that just paint in the luminescent, the hour markers of the watch are raised, while the luminous markers have a silver surround.  The watch is very comfortable on the wrist and of desirable size.

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