Men’s 0359 Venom Chronograph Brown Leather Watch Review

If you have been looking for an ultimate high-quality watch, men’s 0359 is the model to have.  Apart from being unique, it is durable and reliable.  It has proved to be the best-designed watch in the market.  The performance of the watch is of high quality, making the top in the market. SO, let’s go start reading Invicta 0359 review.

The watch is uniquely designed and features a striking silver dial which has three chronograph subdials and a date display.  Its case is sturdy and made using gleaming stainless steel. Also, the watch features oversized pushers and crowns.
invicta 0359 review

Invicta 0359 Review Summery

It is the most reliable water resistant watch in the market at the moment. The straps of the watch are made using plush brown leather, and you secure it with a buckle clasp.  The watch has an automatic and precise Swiss movement.

The demand of the watch in the market has remained at the top, as it is elegant, and beautiful, giving it an impressive look. Its face is large and matches well with the straps, making it refined and superior over watches in the market.

Here are some of the features which have made 0359 Venom chronograph the best in the market


0359 Venom Chronograph is the most reliable water resistant watch in the market so far. It is well designed that not a single drop of water can penetrate it. You can dive into the water up to 1000M before it leaks in water.

Sturdy design

The design of the watch is super classy and unique. It features a striking dial which has three chronograph subdials and a date display.  Also, the watch has oversized pushers and a crown, all which are made suing gleaming stainless steel, just like the case.

Unlike many watches, its straps are made with plush brown leather and secured with a buckle clasp. It is designed with a precise Swiss quartz movement.  The design of the watch takes care of scratches by featuring a flame-fusion crystal.  The watch features a bezel which is 18k rose gold plated and unidirectional. Besides, it has screw-down crown and pushers.

Unique dial, hand and hour markers

The dial of the watch is distinguishable. It is made of silver, while the hand and hour markers are gold-tone in appearance. Besides, markers are luminous, making the watch attractive and classy. You can easily use it at night without straining.


The watch has a precise Swiss-quartz movement. The movement is automatic and very accurate.

Quality materials

The watch is made using quality materials, which are durable.  The case of the watch is made using polished stainless steel, which is sturdy and rust-proof.   The window of the watch is made using durable flame-fusion crystal, which is resistant from scratches, making the watch appear as new always.   The straps of the watch uniquely made using brown leather.


The watch features a chronograph dial; featuring sub dials which function with 60 seconds, 30 minute and 1/10th of a second.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Men’s 0359 Reserve Collection Venom Chronograph.


  • Water resistant- you can dive with the watch up to 1000M without leaking in water.
  • Classy design- the design of the watch is classy and unique. It fits well with casual clothes and suitable for individuals with big bodies.
  • Automatic movement- the watch features a precise Swiss quartz movement, which is intuitive and accurate.
  • Quality materials- materials used in the construction of the watch are vigorous and durable.
  • Rust proof- the watch is made using polished stainless steel, which cannot rust.
  • Comfortable-the straps of the watch are made using brown leather, which is comfortable on the wrist.


The only problem with the watch is the size. It has a large face, which is not suitable for everyone.


The quality watch is one of its kinds. You can move up to 1000M deep, without water leaking in. It is made using high, polished stainless steel, which makes it durable and reliable. The appearance of the watch is cool, due to the shiny case.  The window of the watch is composed of a flame-fusion crystal, which is resistant to scratches.

It is one of the comfortable watches you van ever purchase in the market. It has leather straps, which are well designed.   The watch is rust proof and has a precise automatic quartz movement, which is very accurate.  The elegance of the watch is one of its own.  The watch has a chronograph dial and a date display to keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any question about invicta 0359 review.

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